Who I am

Sounds and music can be unpleasant, especially when listening to them is not required. This is the noise that currently prevails, the passive listening to which we are less and less able to avoid: a concept of urban disase, that I have been passionate about since I had a professional relationship with music, and which I’m now speaking about as a sociologist, essayist, with experiences of teaching and research in the Italian and international University.


Graduate in Sociology, University of Urbino, Italy, 2001.
Oboe Diploma, Conservatoire B. Marcello, Venice, Italy, 1983.

Professional Experience

2017- Creator, Developer, General Manager of FANA (Free Acoustic Neutral Area ) – www.fana.one – Project for noise level reduction in places hosting commercial, professional and public utility services.

2004-2013. University of Urbino. Faculty of Sociology. Professor cooperating with IMES (Methodological Institute of Economics and Statistics).

1980-1995 Musician in concerts and orchestra in Italy, Germany, Ireland, France and Brazil. – Musical didactic activity.


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Conferences and Seminars as speaker

1) Collectif Environnement Sonore Laboratoire Acoustique et Musique Urbaine, École d’Architecture Paris “La Villette”, Paris 10/12/2012.

2) International meeting “Architecture Music Ecologie”, Ecole d’Architecture de Paris “La Villette”, Martigny 15/08, 21/08/2011.

3) As teacher for the creation of documentation about “Intangible Culture and the Immaterial Patrimony in the region of Peja / Pec, Kosovo”, organized by Superior Institute for the Maintenance and the Restauration and INTERSOS ONG, Peya /Pec, June 2011.

4) International meeting “Italian association of acoustics”, Rimini 8-10/06/2011.

5) Press conference “The different movida”, Bettinelli4 space, Milan 22/06/2010.

6) Meeting “Sweet Mobility and Web” agenzia SS&C, Varese 25/02/2010.

7) Press conference “Let’s save silence”, Chiamamilano space, Milan 28/09/2009.

8) International meeting “Architecture Music Ecologie”, Ecole d’architecture de Paris “La Villette”, Martigny 26/09 -30/09/2009.

9) International meeting “Les universités au temps de la mondialisation”. Quarantième anniversaire Université Paris VIII, Paris 11-14/09/2009.

10) International meeting “Architecture Music Ecologie”, Ecole d’architecture de Paris “La Villette”, Iserable Valais Suisse 27-31/08/2008.

11) Meeting “Noise, a hole in the Silence”, Oberdan space, Milan 28/04/2008.

12) Conference “Neutral spaces” organized by “Order of Architects”, Sala Farinati della Civica Biblioteca, Verona March 2008.

13) Workshop “New Paradigms of Development in Social and Ecological Science Compared”, Urbino University, Urbino, Pesaro 15-16/11/2007.

14) International Meeting “Architecture Music Ecologie” R.A.M.E, Ecole d’architecture de Paris “La Villette”, Martigny 29/08-4/09/2007.

15) International meeting “Beuys Event. Relation and conclusion 52°, Biennial Exhibition of Modern Art in Venice”, New Arsenal Thetis Space, Venice 17/09/2007.

16) Personal conference “Space for Listening and Thought in the Present Metropolitan Context”, Londrina Paranà Br. State University. Education, Communication and Art Centre CECA, Londrina 28/05/2007.

17) Personal conference “Space for Listening and Thought in the Present Metropolitan Context”, São Paulo Br. State University USB. Music department CMU, São Paulo 17/07/2007.

18) Meeting “Reproduced Sound”, Casa della Musica di Parma, Parma 10/11/2006.

19) International meeting “Health and Social Disparity”, Pescara 23-25/11/2006.

20) International meeting “Architecture, Music Ecology”, Organised by Ecole d’architecture de Paris “La Villette”, Brig 29/08-30/9/2006.

21) Workshop “Sociologists and Europe”, Trieste University, Trieste April 2006.

22) Workshop “When Sound is an Enemy”, Como Public Library, Como 20/5/2005.

23) Workshop “Young People: is the Future Uncertain?”, University of Salerno, Salerno 18-19/02/2005.

24) Speaker at the conference “Cities Governments and Urban Changes”, University of Calabria, Arcavacata di Riende 27-28/10/2004.

25) Meeting “A Year from Cage” organized by MM&t Foundation and Auditorium Publishers, Milan 5/10/2003.

26) Workshop “Passive Music and Territory”, Milano Politecnico, Milan 29/01/2003.

Partecipation in conferences and seminars

1) VI International Conference “The Culture of the Artificial Technology”, Urbino 28-29/09/2007.

2) VI National AIS Congress. Italian Association of Sociology, Urbino 13-14/09/2007.

3) Meeting “The Definition of Art” conference, organized by “Civiltà delle macchine”, Forli’ 19-20/11/2004.

4) International Conference “The Culture of the Artificial Technology”, Ascona 23-25/05/2004.

Partecipation in Radio Programs and Press Articles

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