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silvia_thumb.png - 104.56 Kb Suoni e musica possono risultare sgradevoli specie quando il loro ascolto non è richiesto. È questo il rumore che attualmente predomina, l’ascolto passivo al quale sempre meno riusciamo a sottrarci: un concetto di disagio urbano che mi appassiona già da quando con la musica avevo un rapporto professionale e che ora tratto in qualità di sociologa, saggista, con esperienze di didattica e ricerca in ambito universitario italiano e internazionale.


  Graduate in Sociology, University of Urbino, Italy, 2001.
Oboe Diploma, Conservatoire B. Marcello, Venice, Italy, 1983.

Professional Experience

  2004-2013. University of Urbino. Faculty of Sociology. Professor cooperating with IMES   (Methodological Institute of Economics and Statistics).

1980-1995 Musician in concerts and orchestra in Italy, Germany, Ireland, France and Brazil. - Musical didactic activity.


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Conferences and Seminars as speaker

1) Collectif Environnement Sonore  Laboratoire Acoustique et Musique Urbaine - École  d’Architecture Paris “La Villette” - Paris 10/12/2012.

2) International meeting “Architecture Music Ecologie” - Ecole d'Architecture de Paris “La Villette” - Martigny 15/08 - 21/08/2011.

3) As teacher for the creation of documentation about  “Intangible Culture and the Immaterial Patrimony in the region of Peja / Pec, Kosovo”, organized by Superior Institute for the Maintenance and the Restauration and  INTERSOS ONG - Peya /Pec - June 2011.

4) International meeting “Italian association of acoustics”-  Rimini 8-10/06/2011.

5) Press conference “The different  movida”-  Bettinelli4 space - Milan 22/06/2010.

6) Meeting "Sweet Mobility and Web" agenzia SS&C - Varese 25/02/2010.

7) Press conference “Let's save silence” - Chiamamilano space - Milan 28/09/2009.

8) International meeting “Architecture Music Ecologie” - Ecole d’architecture de Paris “La Villette”
- Martigny 26/09 -30/09/2009.

9) International meeting “Les universités au temps de la mondialisation”. Quarantième anniversaire Université Paris VIII. - Paris 11-14/09/2009.

10) International meeting “Architecture Music Ecologie”, Ecole d’architecture de Paris “La Villette”- Iserable Valais Suisse - 27-31/08/2008.

11) Meeting “Noise, a hole in the Silence” - Oberdan space - Milan 28/04/2008.

12) Conference “Neutral spaces” organized by “Order of Architects”- Sala Farinati della Civica Biblioteca - Verona March 2008.

13) Workshop “New Paradigms of Development in Social and Ecological Science Compared”
- Urbino University - Urbino, Pesaro 15-16/11/2007.

14) International Meeting “Architecture Music Ecologie” R.A.M.E - Ecole d’architecture de Paris “La Villette” - Martigny 29/08-4/09/2007.

15) International meeting “Beuys Event. Relation and conclusion 52° - Biennial Exhibition of Modern Art in Venice” - New Arsenal Thetis Space -Venice 17/09/2007.

16) Personal conference “Space for Listening and Thought in the Present Metropolitan Context”
- Londrina Paranà Br. State University. Education, Communication and Art Centre CECA.
- Londrina 28/05/2007.

17) Personal conference “Space for Listening and Thought in the Present Metropolitan Context”
- São Paulo Br. State University USB. Music department CMU- São Paulo 17/07/2007.

18) Meeting “Reproduced Sound” - Casa della Musica di Parma - Parma 10/11/2006.

19) International meeting “Health and Social Disparity” - Pescara 23-25/11/2006.

20) International meeting “Architecture, Music Ecology” - Organised by Ecole d’architecture de Paris “La Villette” - Brig 29/08-30/9/2006.

21) Workshop “Sociologists and Europe”- Trieste University – Trieste April 2006.

22) Workshop “When Sound is an Enemy”,  Como Public Library - Como 20/5/2005.

23) Workshop “Young People: is the Future Uncertain?” University of Salerno
- Salerno 18-19/02/2005.

24) Speaker at the conference “Cities Governments and Urban Changes” - University of Calabria
- Arcavacata di Riende 27-28/10/2004.

25) Meeting “A Year from Cage” organized by MM&t Foundation and Auditorium Publishers
- Milan 5/10/2003.

26) Workshop “Passive Music and Territory” - Milano Politecnico - Milan 29/01/2003.

 Partecipation in conferences and seminars

1) VI International Conference “The Culture of the Artificial Technology” - Urbino 28-29/09/2007.

2) VI National AIS Congress. Italian Association of Sociology - Urbino 13-14/09/2007.

3) Meeting “The Definition of Art” conference, organized by “Civiltà delle macchine”
- Forli’ 19-20/11/2004.

4) International Conference “The Culture of the Artificial Technology” - Ascona 23-25/05/2004.

 Partecipation in Radio Programs and Press Articles

1) Radioprogram RAI 3 - 22/06/2010.

 2) Letter about Noise in Milan, in  “Libero” 4/08/2010, p. 50.

3) “Music and Noise, a troublesome Relationship”, in  “Il Giornale”
- Milan 3/08/2009.

4) Letter about Noise in Milan,  in  “Libero” Milano 9/10/2009, p.55.

5) “Acoustic Pollution, the Alderman's Bluff ”, in “Corriere delle Sera”- Milan 28/10/2009, p.9.

6) TV program Rai 3 “ Buon Giorno Regione”, November 2009.

7) Radio program “Strada Facendo”- 20/02/2005.

8) Radio program “Radio 3 Suite” - 14/01/2005.

9) Broadcasting of RAI 2 News - July 2004.

10) Radio program “Millennium Bug” - 13/10/2004.

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